Online Learning FAQ

You register for webinars, online courses and other online learning events through purchasing them in the SHOP.

Upon purchase, you register with your e-mail adress which is then used to log in to MY COURSES which is where you find all your online learning. The MY COURSES button is always found in the the top right corner of this website.

For live webinars you also get the link to the webinar in your confirmation e-mail.

For in-person events you get all your information in the product text and the confirmation e-mail.

How do I register for a webinar or online course?

  • You register for webinars, online courses and other online learning events through purchasing them through the webshop.
  • Upon your first purchase, you’ll be asked to create an account. With your account you’ll be able to access your online learning in “My Courses”.

How do I access what I just purchased?

  • Go to “My Courses”! There you find your personal online learning collection, with all information and all webinar/course material.
  • In addition, upon purchase you get an automated e-mail with information, in case you prefer information in that format. Note that everything can be found in “My Courses” too.

What is my user name and password?

  • Upon registration, your create your account profile with your e-mail. Make sure you write your e-mail address correctly, since your account gets created from it.
  • Always use the same e-mail. If you use different e-mails, the system generates multiple accounts…
  • If you forget your password, start logging in with your e-mail and click “lost your password?” – then you’ll get an e-mail with a link to reset it.
  • If you forget your user name you can log in with your e-mail instead.
  • If you want to change your user name and/or password, you can easily do that “account details”.
  • If you must change the e-mail address that your account is based on, please contact us and we’ll figure it out!

Live webinars – how do they work?

  • You find all upcoming LIVE webinars, along with any recordings that are available for purchase, in the online learning category in the webshop.
    Upon purchase, you’ll be asked to register. Please do so, as that is what will enable us to communicate with you about the webinar.
  • Our live webinars are run through the zoom platform. When you have purchased your webinar find the details you’ll receive an e-mail with details on how to access the webinar. You’ll also find that information through logging in to “My Courses”.
  • At the end of most LIVE webinars there will be time for Q&A.

Live webinars – what time does it start, and how do I get the time zone right?

The starting time for your live webinar is set in CET (Central European Time) which is the time zone for all of Sweden and central Europe. You can find what the equivalent time in your location on any given date through an online time zone converter.

We typically use the 24 hr clock, so for example 20.00 = 8 PM.
Click here for a 24 hr vs 12 hr clock table.

For time zone conversion,
we suggest:

LIve webinars – what if I can’t join the live version?

Most of our live webinars will be recorded, and then you’ll get access to the recording for one year afterwards.

Occasionaly, a webinar might be LIVE-ONLY. If so, that’ll be clearly stated in the webinar description and there will be no recording available afterwards.

How do I access my webinar recordings or online courses ?

To access all your webinar recordings and other online learning material:
Click on “My courses” in the top right corner of the ABC247 website and log in with the e-mail you used when purchasing the product.

Note: “My courses” include both webinars and courses!

For how long do I have access to my online learning material?

Typically, you’ll have access to your webinar recordings and online for a year from purchase.
If there is ever a shorter access time than one year we’ll state that clearly in the product description.

I try to purchase a course or webinar, but in check-out I get a message saying I already have it?

Taka a look in “My Courses”! If you already have the online learning product there, the system will not let you buy it again.

If you want to purchase a course or webinar for someone else, please use their e-mail and contact information in the check-out.