Webinar: Exploring Rewards – ENGLISH

Exploring Rewards” with Angelica Hesselius och Eva Bertilsson, finally in webinar form!

In this webinar, Angelica and Eva  explore the nuances of treat deliveries in your horse training, vastly extending the usefulness of your treats. 

Having a good system and structure for your reward deliveries is essential for becoming an efficient trainer. Treats and treat deliveries can fill so many functions in your training – not only are they powerful reinforcers, but creative treat delivery strategies will also promote desired movements, provide precise starting points, aid transitions between different aspects of the session, and minimize uncertainty, frustration and unwanted gaps in your training.

Are you ready to up your game and take your reward procedures – and your training session structure – to the next level? Join in and learn new creative ways of using edibles in your training, enhancing relaxation and building independent behaviors while  minimizing frustration and other undesired side effects . We promise your horse will love this!

This is a webinar for positive reinforcement horse trainers eager to advance in their practical training as well as in their understanding of the underlying principles. We also highly recommend this lecture for trainers of other species who’d like to get insights and inspiration by Angelica’s and Eva’s work with equines!

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Webinar Exploring rewards eng