Webinar: Building A Friendship

This is a conference presentation from the online Cooperative Care Conference 2022. The recording is made available in cooperation with Zoospensefull and Peter GIiljam. 

60 minutes including QA

Making Friends With Animals That Prefer Avoidance 
– with Eva Bertilsson and special guest Chirag Patel
including QA hosted by Peter Giljam.

All animals in human care have people in their lives. Us people and our actions impact every facet of the animals’ lives, both directly and indirectly. Are we perceived as friends or foe? Does our presence add value to our animals’ lives, or is their life better when we’re not around? In this presentation, trainer and behavior consultant Eva Bertilsson will discuss strategies for working with animals that avoid people, enhancing their quality of life in our presence as well as in our absence.

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Webinar Making Friends… with Eva and Chirag