CCC WEBINAR: “Training Snakes? Choice & Control for Every Individual” – Carrie Davis

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Training Snakes? Choice & Control for All Individuals!

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Description: Training Snakes? Choice & Control for All Individuals!

How do you train a snake and what are the benefits? Can training improve quality of life and decrease stress for reptiles in human care? How can we objectively measure what a stressed animal looks like? Carrie Davis and Reptelligence aim to answer these questions and more. Through re-designing habitats to give more options for choice and control over how and when they behave, offering both natural and non-natural feeding enrichment that allows ectotherms to go through their entire foraging action patterns, and using operant conditioning with non-food reinforcers for a variety of training, a marked difference in the body language of snakes when in hand as well as in habitat has been found.

In this session, Carrie will discuss how training and enrichment is good for both ectotherms and their caretakers’ well being. We will look at the importance of natural history, ecology and reading body language and how behavioral and environmental enrichment can help identify behavior motivators and reinforcers. We will look at potential non food reinforcers and look at training examples.

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