CCC WEBINAR: “Bucket Game, Out of the Bucket” – Chirag Patel (& Eva Bertilsson)

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The Bucket Game – Out of the Bucket

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Description: The Bucket Game – Out of the Bucket!

A set-up designed to empower the learner.

A trainer with a fantastic eye for the details that matter.

A session that invites you to an exploration of all the aspects that make up this simple yet powerful game.

With The Bucket Game, internationally respected trainer and behavior consultant Chirag Patel created a game that makes training fun and easy for both trainer and learner. This game was initially designed to teach essential husbandry behaviors (those behaviors that allow your animal to actively participate in their daily and veterinary care), but can be integrated in many situations in your every day training. What might not be obvious at the first glance are all the thought-through details that go into this training, making it user friendly also for novice trainers while honing the learner’s voice in every aspect of the game. In this session, Chirag is joined by Eva Bertilsson and shares the ins and outs of the Bucket Game, demonstrating what training can look like when we truly listen to our learners.

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