WEBINAR (English/German): Choice Control & Quality of Life – with Eva Bertilsson

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This is a conference presentation from the online Rplus Expert Conference in June 2022.
Presenter in English: Eva Bertilsson
Translator to German: Yesim Blitz

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Note: Subtitles are not available for this recording. This webinar is in English with spoken translation into German!

Is it enough to train with reward-oriented methods? Or are there other elements that can optimize our training and our animal care?  

 In this presentation, Eva guides us through some fundamental questions about choice and control. She discusses how these concepts can be translated into observable phenomena, and provides practical examples of how twe can enhance the quality of life for the individuals in our care.

The recording is made available in cooperation with RpusExperten, Nadine Hehli and Simone Fasel https://www.lebenmithunden.eu/rplusexpert 


  • What is choice about? 
  • What is available, and how?
  • Access and avoidance?
  • Physically and behaviorally available?
    Skills (behavior repertoir)?
  • Reinforcement history & stimulus control?
  • Response cost & competing contingencies?
  • What is choice?
  • Behavior produces consequence
  • Different consequences available?
  • Same consequence available through different behaviors?
  • A : B – C contingencies!
  • Giving animals control and choices in our interactions
  • Access to valuable resources and escape/avoidance
  • Opt-out and opt-in