Free PDF: Full Table Of Content, plus bonus videos (for Agility Right From The Start)

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This free product contains a downloadable PDF  with the extended table of content for the book “Agility Right From The Start” , and in addition a selection of training videos. Read more about the content of the product below.

About this free resource:

Agility Right From The Start is so extensive that the full Table of Content did not fit into the actual book! As it so happens, the Table of Content has proven to be a great resource for training inspiration and ideas, as it is very comprehensive (19 pages!!) and clearly structured. Therefore we provide the full Table of Content here as a downloadable PDF! We promise that it will work great as an easy-access spread to flick through for insight and motivation! We have also included a snippet from the sixth chapter in the book and  some bonus videos to give you an idea of what the training can look like!

About the book itself:

Agility Right From The Start is a book packed with positive reinforcement training recommendations that reach far beyond dog agility training.

Dog trainers, instructors and behavior consultants world wide have made use of the concepts and exercises for a wide variety of dog sports, training just for fun and training for everyday life skills. Horse trainers in Sweden and elsewhere have applied the seamless session structure, the start button training for noise and movement that can be expanded to any area, and of modified versions of the aim-for-it and race-to-reward strategies with great success! Teachers of young and adult humans have been inspired by the thought-through structure that starts from rewards, the strategies for dealing with mistakes through full focus forward, and of course the start button work. Trainers of all species appreciate the thoughtful structure of the training, the build-up of training session structure and component skills starting from the rewards, and the creative training solutions and problem solving ideas.

The book is available as paperback and e-book in internet bookstores around the world – just search for “Agility Right From The Start” and you’ll find it!