ONLINE COURSE: Start Button Behavior

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Welcome to the Start Button Behavior Online Course!

In this comprehensive course Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh (originators of the now-popular concept “start button” training) guide you into the fascinating world of start button behaviors and their pivotal role in modern animal training.

Through engaging lessons, practical insights and helpful exercises you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what start button behaviors really are and how they can facilitate seamless communication between trainer and learner.  Whether you’re a seasoned professional or fairly new to the world of animal training, this course offers invaluable knowledge and techniques to enhance your training repertoire. Join us and unlock the potential of start button behaviors to revolutionize your training approach!

The course is self-study with plenty of video and exercises for you to do at home!

Course syllabus:
Module 1: Welcome to the start button course
Module 2: Start button basics: Learner-initiated stimulus-stimulus pairing
Module 3: Important note: What if my learner doesn’t say “yes”?
Module 4: Expanding the start button work
Module 5: Building more behavior in the beginning of the sequence
Module 6: Building more behavior after the stimulus presentation
Module 7: When stimuli go on for some time
Module 8: Important note: Predictability
Module 9: Get Creative: More options and ideas
Module 10: Summing up this course

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