WEBINAR: “Live Cooperative Care Training Session with Angie Madden” – with Eva Bertilsson

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Cooperative care training session coached by Eva!

In this live training session, Eva is coaching Angie Madden (Dogspeakllc.com) and her dog as they get started with training toward tooth brushing. As a webinar attendee, you get to follow the process of coaching and training!

This training session builds on a conversation that Eva and Angie got started at the husbandry panel at Clicker Expo back in March 2023 on how to deal with hitting plateaus in  cooperative care. What do we do when the learner stops saying “yes” at a certain level in the training? How can we get to where we need to go with the procedure while still honoring the learner’s voice?

One solution that Eva offers is to work from many of different angles. To not look at the training as a linear build-up of a procedure, but rather as the construction of many components using a multitude of training strategies. There are so many aspects of nail trims or teeth brushing – sounds, smell, tactile, location, position, etc – and also so many possible training strategies. Identifying smaller pieces of the puzzle and working creatively with them helps accelerate progress and avoid the dreaded plateaus while at the same time taking pressure off both learner and trainer. In this webinar you get to see what this might look like! The webinar is 1,5 hours including time for questions and discussions.