FUTURE: Webinar From Life To Start Buttons


Are you curious about how training with start button behaviors fits into the bigger picture of living with your animals?   Join Emelie and Eva in an exploration taking you all the way from Life to Start buttons! 

 “Start buttons are everywhere! As aficionados of training where the learner is in control and originators of the “start button” term, we love seeing how this type of training is sweeping through the animal training community  The field is developing quickly and we see fascinating work being done by a great many amazing trainers. We’ve also noticed that there are plenty of questions and some concerns being raised considering how and when start button strategies are used. This has made us realize that we’ve been taking certain foundations for granted… So:

In this webinar we’ll put our start button work into a larger context and lay out the framework, the foundation that our start button training is resting upon. Join us as we explore the start button topic further, or perhaps go back to our roots? Let’s take a look at from Life to Start buttons! 

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