WEBINAR: “Fun and Games with Cooperative Care” – Eva Bertilsson

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It’s amazing how behaviour management for health care and veterinary situations is blossoming nowadays! Are you also striving to get more voluntary handling and less stress for everyone involved? Let’s dive into the concept of cooperative care and how to have fun with it!

In this webinar Eva will share her perspective on cooperative care training, connect the dots between medical training and other training endeavors, and discuss how we best can put our training skills to use in this challenging but highly reinforcing domain.

This webinar is a perfect introduction if you are new to this type of training, and brings valuable details to the table for those of you who are already passionate practitioners of cooperative care. Take this opportunity to get ideas, inspirations and answers to your questions!

Eva about the webinar:
Cooperative care is such a passion topic for me, and I’m thrilled to meet you in this webinar! I will include an array of helpful tools and practical applications, and I will also share some of my personal journey in teaching animals to participate in their own care (Hint: there will be some agility references!) The webinar will include examples of using startbutton behaviours in cooperative care training – but also so much more, because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from the past fifteen years of immersion in cooperative care training, it is that we better not limit ourselves in any way!

Let’s put our training skills and our understanding of behaviour to the best use for the animals in our care and for the humans that care for them!


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