WEBINAR: “Husbandry is my Agility” – Chirag Patel & Eva Bertilsson

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Husbandry is my Agility with Chirag Patel and Eva Bertilsson


An intense conversation, starring:

Chirag Patel:
His quote “Husbandry is My Agility” says it all!
Eva Bertilsson: Avid agility trainer transformed into cooperative care aficionado.

  • Is cooperative care everyone’s favorite training goal?
  • Do nail trims and preparing for vet visits bring joy and excitement to all?
  • Or does it sometimes become more of a necessary have-to-do-it?

Join Eva and Chirag for an exploration in how a love for husbandry training is developed, and strategies to truly make the training reinforcing for everyone involved!

What do the attendees say? 
Two world-renowned animal training rockstars discussing what really goes on in husbandry training “under the hood”. WATCH. DIGEST. REPEAT.”
“Creative, solution based and insightful conversation. Loved it”.


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