WEBINAR: “Kids and Covid Testing” – Catja Pedersen & Emelie J Vegh

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Description: Kids and covid testing – kids in control! 

This webinar was created in 2021, as a help for parents and caretakers in the midst of the pandemic.
The content is most useful also for other health or medical care procedures!

Might your kids need covid testing? Are you working with kids who might be subjected to covid testing? This presentation will help you all to do the best preparations – with kids in control, for a less stressful experience!

Join Catja Pedersen and Emelie Johnson Vegh in a webinar on kids and covid testing.

Catja and Emelie are both parents, and have both coached their children through the process of testing for covid. They will share their thought process and show video with both kids.

Catja’s son Colin is 3 years old. In Denmark, should the nurseries need to shut down because of covid, you need a negative covid test to be allowed back. Catja figured out that Colin needed some preparation, that will also come in handy for other visits to the doctor.

Emelie’s daughter Diana is 7 years old. In the part of Sweden where they live, the recommendations for children of that age are that you get tested if you’ve been in contact with someone that’s diagnosed with covid and then develop symptoms yourself.

Their situations and processes were different and Catja and Emelie will share their different paths. Their goal is to inspire you to prepare your children for an experience that can be very scary and give the highest level possible of choice and control.


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