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Eva Bertilsson

Eva Bertilsson (she/her) is a behavior consultant and educator with a master’s degree in behavior analysis and a passion for all things related to behavior, learning and animal welfare. She started out as a positive reinforcement dog sports trainer in the 90s but nowadays works with a wide variety of settings, helping individuals and organizations develop their practice of modern, science-based, empowering strategies for the benefit of learners of all species.

Eva is a board member of the Swedish Association for Behavior Analysis and an enthusiastic disseminator of ethical practices based in behavioral science. She is a long-standing faculty member of Clicker Expo and of TAGteach, and an ackredited speaker for Fear Free. Always striving to further our best-practices, she hosts the Scandinavian CCC conference on Choice, Control and Communication and runs a Swedish membership group for husbandry training called Kul med Hantering (“Having fun with cooperative care”).

Eva and her Carpe Momentum colleague Emelie Johnson Vegh are noteworthy influencers within reward based training, having developed strategies and concepts such as start button behaviors, seamless training sessions and training session flow charts. Much of “E&E”‘s philosophy and approach to training is outlined in their book Agility Right From the Start, making it a worthy read not only for dog trainers.

You find everything about Eva and her many projects and collaborations on her new website evabertilsson.com/




Instagram: @evacarpemomentum

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see evabertilsson.com/resources

Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel (he/him) entered the field professionally in 2004 and has since become a leading figure in the profession internationally. He consults on the behaviour management and training of all animals living under human care (including domestic and wild ones). He is highly sought after for work with high profile private clients, organisations as well as teaching workshops and presenting at conferences. Chirag has been an expert on a number of TV shows including on BBC 1’s TV Series Nightmare Pets SOS and more recently 5 Stars’ Cats and Dogs at War has given TV interviews worldwide.

Chirag is passionate about the application of ethical behaviour change science to improve the life of animals living under human care by teaching animals to be active participants in their own daily and veterinary care in a low-stress manner. The goal is to empower all learners including the human ones.

Chirag earned his BSc(Hons) in Veterinary Sciences from the Royal Veterinary College in London and a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Animal Behaviour from the University of Lincoln, UK. He also holds an Advanced diploma in practical aspects of companion animal behaviour and training from the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology. In 2005, Chirag completed an internship in dog behaviour and training with a focus on aggressive behaviour under the mentorship of Jean Donaldson at the San Francisco SPCA and developed his understanding and skills in puppy training under the mentorship of Ian Dunbar PhD, BVetMed, MRCVS. Chirag has taken various classes and courses in Applied Behaviour Analysis and currently continues to do so in the fields of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Clinical Animal Behaviour.

Chirag is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK (00923) and has previously served on their committee.  He has also been invited and accepted as a Certified Parrot Behaviour Consultant (CPBC), with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC). And is registered as an Accredited Animal Behaviourist with The Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC). He was invited to join the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA), Animal Training Focus group as the scientific officer and external consultant in 2015, which he did until 2021.

Chirag’s currents and previous clients include A-List celebrities, other high profile clients and leading organisations such as Guides Dogs for the Blind Association UK, The Kong Company, various police dog units, humane societies, research facilities, zoos and aquariums.

Previously Chirag has worked for Dogs Trust as Assistant Head of Canine Training & Behaviour.  Managed the Animal Behaviour Centre at Dr Roger Mugford’s Company of Animals in Chertsey, Surrey. He has also held a post at the University of Lincoln, as a research technician responsible for the training of Rats and Degus in a sponsored odour discrimination and Indiction project. In addition to this Chirag worked in veterinary practices part-time for over 6 years. 

Chirag also has an internationally selling DVD called ‘From Brain to Bite: understanding, managing and modifying aggressive behaviour in dogs”. His YouTube Channel that has accumulated over a million views and provides free resources for pet owners and professionals, you can access this channel by clicking here


Carrie Davis

Carrie Davis (she/her) is an international animal training consultant, educator and innovator. She brings two decades of experience working as a professional animal trainer and zookeeper. She has worked for AZA accredited zoos including The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens and the San Diego Zoo as well as numerous nonprofit organizations, rescues and animal sanctuaries.

Carrie co-founded Reptelligence in 2013 with Alex Konold, an organization that strives to be a catalyst for introducing innovative enrichment options and accessible, choice based, minimally aversive training techniques for reptiles and other non-furred and non-feathered animals in human care. She is the Director of Behavior and Education of Reptelligence and currently co-directs the project with Peter Amelia.

She is passionate about improving the well-being for captive animals and their caretakers through allowing and motivating a full expression of their individual behavioral repertoire. Carrie lives in Joshua Tree, California, USA with two dogs, Skyla and Bam and an Australian Woma Python named Magnolia.


Annette Pedersen

Annette Pedersen (she(her) started as a keeper trainee at Copenhagen Zoo in 1989 as a part of the Danish keepers’ education. After finishing her education in 1992, she got hired for the marine mammal section (Harbor seals and California sea lions), which also housed other animals like penguins, Malayan tapirs, babirusas, etc. Here she helped developing the marine mammal training program until 2008, where she moved to the Elephant section working on transferring the elephants from free contact to protected contact (PC). Later that same year she got the position as Animal Training Coordinator of Copenhagen Zoo.

Since 2008 her job has been to develop/expand the training skills of the keepers at Copenhagen Zoo, as well as managing animal behavior and training within a variety of species and challenges.

Since 2009 she helped develop the Danish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (DAZA) animal training course, which is still held once a year in Denmark.

She serves the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA) as Chair for the Animal Training Working Group and as member of the Animal Welfare Working Group. She is also an instructor for the EAZA animal training courses under the EAZA Academy. In 2014-2016 she served on the board of the Animal Behavior Management Alliance (ABMA).


Website Copenhagen Zoo https://www.zoo.dk/da/

Facebook: https://da-dk.facebook.com/zoo/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/copenhagenzoo/?hl=da

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Emelie Johnson Vegh

Emelie Johnson Vegh (she/her) works in the collaboration Carpe Momentum together with Eva Bertilsson. Their goal is to help people acquire knowledge and skills in science-based, modern, humane, and empowering teaching strategies for the benefit of learners of all species. Within Carpe Momentum she teaches seminars on the general principles of behavior and learning, coaches trainers in the skill of creating great training sessions regardless of venue or species.

Emelie lives with her husband, their three kids and two dogs. She enjoys many different other sports and finding ways of breaking them down and teaching them to others, both adults and children. Her goal is to make learning accessible, interesting, and fun! As a dog trainer, Emelie has experience from a variety of venues and has competed in various dog sports with several dogs of various breeds. Currently, she’s working with her young Field Golden retriever Tessa, getting her ready for a number of different sports.

Set up for success, break the skill down and make sure to ensure R +, whether it has to do with teaching your dog to heel, yourself to get into a running regime or helping your child learn to structure their homework! Emelie studied to be a teacher in Swedish and English at Lund University, together with further studies of both linguistics and children’s literature. She writes fiction for adults and has published a series of children’s books with some focus on positive reinforcement training. She also works as a translator and editor, reveling in finding ways to tell stories and make information available to a great many people. Together with Eva, she published the book Agility Right From the Start (Sunshine Books, 2010). The book outlines the colleagues’ philosophy and structured approach to training, making it a worthy read not only for agility enthusiasts. Emelie has been part of the Clicker Expo faculty for many years, teaching together with Eva. “E&E” also introduced TAGteach to Scandinavia in 2005 and were the first European TAGteach faculty.




Instagram: @emeliecarpe

Catja Pedersen

Catja Pedersen (she/her) is an avid clicker trainer who runs dog training business Canis Silkeborg and is passionate about spreading the word of clicker training.  Shaping, off-cue behaviors, doggie-zen and providing choice to the learner are some of her core topics. The learners she works with are mainly dogs and their owners, although as a mother she does quite a lot of training with her son to.

Catja gives seminars online and workshops both in Denmark and internationally. She has competed succesfully in the highest level of obedience, tracking and search and rescue, and has also been working with drug detection. Always eager to learn more, Catja tries her very best to take part in all kind of workshops, seminars and conferences that has anything to do with behavior analysis. The community of training and behavior analysis is her favorite place to be.


website: Canis Silkenborg

Tess Erngren

Tess Erngren (she/her) is a professional dog behaviorist, TAG-teacher and the owner of GoodDog in Oslo.

With the business motto “be your dog’s best friend” her main focus is on improving dog and human relationships, and is to excel at this currently studying psychology. In GoodDog Academy she educates dog instructors and behaviour specialists, plus specializes in working with people with fear of dogs.

Tess has also taken part in several socialization projects on wolves and brown bears.


website: www.gooddog.no

Angelica Hesselius

Angelica Hesselius (she/her) is an internationally renown reward based horse trainer with a background in classical dressage and academic art of riding. She specializes in positive reinforcement training for balanced movement in groundwork, developing proprioception, movement and communication through systematic reward-based strategies. She trains horses, teaches students and coaches colleagues all over the world

She has developed unique strategies for creating high independence and low frustration from the get-go when working with food reinforcers. Passive and active pauses, independent eating and continuous feeding techniques are some of her signature strategies.

Her current projects include Exploring Nuances together with Eva Bertilsson, with lectures and courses for horse trainers and behavior geeks curious to explore and expand their training systems.


Peggy Hogan


Peggy Hogan (she/her) loves animals and has a passion for training. She currently owns 5 minis, 2 full sized horses, and 3 parrots. Learning from clicker trainers of other species, Peggy investigated ways to add more shaping, capturing, luring, and targeting to her program and she experienced how horses would learn complex behaviors freely if given the choice.

Peggy teaches, gives clinics, offers online courses and generously shares knowledge of Clicker Training. Peggy is also a recurring speaker at Clicker Expo. Her goal is to learn how to better share this amazing technology with people in the horse community.