WEBINAR: Giving Instructions the TAGteach Way – with Eva Bertilsson

28,00 ex. VAT

The art of delivering instructions – Introduction to the TAGteach tools for teaching the human!


Positive reinforcement trainers study endlessly on how best to communicate with their animal learners. But what about our human learners? How can we make the best use of positive reinforcement practices when giving instructions to other people?

There is a real art to delivering information to a human, especially in the moments before they are asked to act upon your instructions. In this presentation, Eva guides you through two very helpful TAGteach tools: the Focus Funnel and WOOF!

The focus funnel = A strategy for funneling your instructions that ends with a clear to-do.
WOOF = Helpful criteria for TAGpoints or other singular instructions: It should be What you want, Observable, One Thing and Five Words or Less.

Welcome to this session where you’ll learn how these two practical tools, the Focus Funnel and WOOF, can help you create crystal clear instructions while simultaneously decreasing stress and in the human learning environment.

This presentation was created in cooperation with Theresa McKeon and recorded for Hund i Fokus, Nina Haaland www.hundifokus.no